Australian Cryptocurrency exchange gives money to finish crypto courses

Users who successfully finish the crypto education course will receive cash incentives. Australian Cryptocurrency exchange gives money to finish crypto courses

The cryptocurrency exchange stated that it anticipates up to 80,000 participants and will pay a little over $64 to those who successfully complete the course.

Improving public awareness and comprehension of cryptocurrencies

Swyftx, an Australian cryptocurrency exchange, said that it will pay customers who participated in and finished educational programs offered through its crypto education platform. The “Earn and Learn” platform, officially unveiled on Sept. 6, is an effort by the cryptocurrency exchange to increase the general public’s education and comprehension of cryptocurrencies.

A new article claims that Swyftx’s classes would discuss various cryptocurrency frauds and how consumers may spot them. The instructional campaign also aims to make consumers harder targets for con artists, according to Tom Matthews, who oversees corporate relations for the cryptocurrency exchange.

According to a recent study by News, in only the first eight months of 2023, hackers are estimated to have stolen up to $1 billion through scams, rug pulls, and vulnerabilities. The identical method of operation is thought to have been employed by thieves to steal up to $46 million in only the month of August.

Swyftx stated that its training courses would contain a checklist for analyzing tokens and crypto projects in order to aid consumers in avoiding falling for similar crypto frauds or compromised enterprises.

Swyftx is guaranteeing a payout of slightly under $64 (AUD100) for participants who finish the course, while those who finish the introductory fundamental analysis course will earn $3.2 worth of BTC. According to reports, the cryptocurrency exchange expects up to 80,000 participants.

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